PROJECTCON 2019 PDU Claim Codes

CourseIdentifier PDUClaimCode Title MaxPDUs PC05102019-01 C002J94P52 Mind the Gap – The Tension Between Job Titles and Agility 1 PC05102019-02 C002FFH0K8 Abuser Stories: Thinking Like the Bad Guy to Reduce Software Vulnerabilities 1 PC05102019-03 C002SLI5EP Capturing Lessons Learned Information: Making your current and future projects smarter! 1 PC05102019-04 C002HRN60N Emotional Intelligence: Mindset of Success 1 PC05102019-05 […]

Be a Host Venue

PMICIC is looking for companies to host our monthly programs. We need space for 75-100 attendees, free and accessible parking, A/V presentation equipment, and allowance of food to be brought in. Host companies receive sponsor name recognition and complimentary program tickets. Contact us at or more information.

We Are Looking for Speakers

Do you have a topic, project, technique, or tool you want to share with the local Project Management community? ¬†PMICIC is looking for speakers to present at our monthly program meetings. You can: gain speaking experience and expert credibility, raise visibility and name/brand-recognition, earn Professional Development Units (PDUs) toward professional certification renewals. You do not […]