PMICIC Board of Directors Meeting 


Casey Adams - President & CEO 

Erika Purlee - Executive Vice President & COO 

Vacant - Vice President Finance 

Vacant - Vice President Membership 

Kelly Sandstrom - Vice President Communications 

Gay Lynn Hill - Vice President Professional Development 

Meeting Location & Time: 


Meeting Date: First Wednesday of the Month - 2022 

Place: Google Meet 

Time: 6:30pm - 8:00pm EST 



1. Call to Order and Roll Call: 

Executive Leaders: Gay Lynn, Kelly, Erika, Casey 

Directors: Carrington, Ruchika, Kim, Cheryl,  

  1. Note the presence of a Quorum: 

-- Quorum exist: Yes/No 

  1. Approval of Agenda: 

-- Agenda Approved: Yes/No 

  1. Walk-in Items/Guests: 
  2. BOD Report-Outs/Committee reports 

VP Read-outs (Every VP provide update, or delegate to other leader)  

Membership: Erika  

- Report of chapter statistics 

 Current members, PMI Non chapter, Credentialed, Volunteers  Volunteer Director(s) 

Volunteers (Cheryl): 

-- Monthly Chapter collaboration Mtg - 4th Tuesday at 6 p.m.

--Volunteer spotlight  

--Volunteer appreciation  

-- Website & VRMS applications  


Operations: Erika  

--Quarterly Leadership Workshop:  

Social Good (Ruchika):  


BI (Erika):  

Technology (Kim):  

--Equipment needs  

--Technology accounts 

-- Systems/services  

Governance (Carrington):  

Communications: Kelly 

--Website updates  

--Social Media updates 

--Email campaigns 

Outreach - Bloomington (David):

Professional Development: Gay 

--3rd Wednesday Program  

--Speaker Acquisition: 2022 Roadmap  

-- ProDevDay Annual Conference  

Finance (Erika/Casey):  

-- Budget/Actuals review on a Monthly basis 

--Monthly Program Revenue report  

--Affiliate Program Referral Data: 

--PMI Reimbursements 

  1. Tabled/Old Business:  
  2. New Business:  
  3. Adjournment of General Session:  
  4. Executive Session: (Private-DO NOT PUBLISH)