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headshot skipweisman

Skip Weisman

Workplace Communication Expert


Keynote: How to Influence & Impact Your Most Important Stakeholder

Breakout Session: How to Master the 3 levels of Project Manager Communication Influence

headshot manleyfeinberg

Manley Feinberg

Business Leadership & Performance Expert


Keynote: Reaching Your Next Summit: 7 Vertical Lessons & 1 Essential Question to Lead with Impact, Regardless of Your Title

Breakout Session: Get On Belay Workshop: Relationship Strategies for Success





headshot robbyslaughter

Robby Slaughter

Productivity & Workflow Expert


 Breakout Session: Radical Productivity

headshot chadwillett square

Chad Willett

Author | Artist


Breakout Session: Smash the Box

headshot LauraHanson square

Laura Hansen

Vice President, PMO


Breakout Session: Agile Games, Lego My Cynefin!


headshot bradhunter

Brad Hunter

Speaker | Trainer


Breakout Session: Project Management Plan: How to Manage Chaos

headshot DJMcCord3

DJ McCord

Speaker | Trainer


 Breakout Session: Changes to the PMBOK 6th Ed & Preparing to Take the PMP Exam

headshot theresettebriggs

Thresette Briggs



Breakout Session:
Beyond Misery: Using PM to Get Change Right


headshot johncanfield

John Canfield

Speaker | Author

Breakout Sessions: Six Thinking Hats | Thinking Skills for Improvement & Innovation


headshot mitchspringer

Dr. Mitchell Springer


Breakout Session: Educational Support through the Career Life-Span of PM Professional Working Adult Learners

headshot sonalshethzawahrisquare

Sonal Sheth Zawahri

Speaker | Trainer


Breakout Session: Leading Without Authority.


headshot davidmaynard

David Maynard

Speaker | Author


Breakout Session: Risk Management in Sync with PMBOK 6

headshot rep

Reprakash Ram

Speaker | Trainer


Breakout Session: Agile Scrum for New PMs | Estimating Unknown in Agile Project Management

headshot brianmonson

Brian Monson

Business Solutions Architect


Breakout Session: Hardcore Soft Skills: Tools for the BA Toolbox

headshot charlottefranck

Charlotte Franck

Senior Project Manager


Breakout Session: Agile - Tips for a Successful Transition

headshot tedbarth 

Ted Barth

Managing Partner


Breakout Session:  Integrating Schedule & Resources Across Multiple Projects

headshot NeilPotter 

Neil Potter

 CMMI Lead Appraiser


Breakout Session: Doing PMBOK, Agile/Scrum and CMMI | Addressing Your Agile / Scrum Challenges


headshot LeighAnneSchildmeir 

 Leigh Ann Schildmeir

President & Founder


 Breakout Session: Startup Kata

headshot pamjohnsheadshot patjohns

Pam & Pat Johns



 Breakout Session: Entrepreneurial Operating System (EOS): How to gain traction in your business

headshot Mark Pendergast 

Mark Pendergast

Senior Manager - IT Engineering Transformation


 Breakout Session: Excel Power for Project Managers





Morning Keynote - Skip Weisman

Workplace Communication Expert | WEISMAN SUCCESS RESOURCES, INC.

KEYNOTE: How to Influence & Impact Your Most Important Stakeholder

SESSION TOPIC: How to Master the 3 levels of Project Manager Communication Influence

headshot skipweisman

Skip Weisman has worked with for-profit and non-profit businesses, helping leaders communicate to motivate and eliminate the de-motivators from their work environment. Industries such as banking, insurance, construction, and CPA firms (as well plumbers, underground surveyors, and fire equipment repair/maintenance companies) have benefitted from Skip’s programs, trainings and keynote addresses. During a 20-year career in professional baseball management, Skip served as CEO for five different franchises. That experience gave Skip tremendous insight and skill for building high-performing teams in the workplace.

Lunch Keynote -  Manley Feinberg

Business Leadership and Peak Performance Expert | VERTICAL LESSONS

KEYNOTE: Reaching Your Next Summit: 7 Vertical Lessons & 1 Essential Question to Lead with Impact, Regardless of Your Title

SESSION TOPIC: Get On Belay Workshop: Relationship Strategies for Success

headshot manleyfeinbergManley Feinberg is an award winning international keynote speaker and author.

Leveraging more than twenty years of business, professional speaking and adventure experience, Manley helps professionals breakthrough mindsets to step up
and reach their next summit. As a result of his work, people have more focus, courage, commitment and momentum.

Manley’s 11 years of leadership influence and mission critical project success contributed to a workplace culture that landed Build-A-Bear Workshop on the FORTUNE 100 Best Companies to Work For® List four years in a row.

On a personal note, Manley likes to sleep on the side of mountains. More shocking is that his wife has been putting up with that for more than two decades years, and his two teens still kiss him on the cheek in front of their friends.

Session Speaker - Ted Barth

SESSION TOPICS: Integrating Schedule & Resources across Multiple Projects

headshot tedbarthTed Barth is a leading expert in providing solutions to manufacturing and engineering companies in Operations, Engineering, business management systems and Program Management. He has served in consulting, plant turnarounds, program management and ERP roles for small, medium, large company divisions and venture capital companies in the US and Europe.

Barth is the Managing Partner of BNW Manufacturing Associates in Toledo, Ohio which he founded in 1996. BNW Manufacturing works with manufacturing and engineering companies to identify and develop their requirements to provide transformational changes that improve operational efficiencies, , accelerate new product launch, install both ERP systems and Program Management Systems, and improve program management thru put and time to market on CapEx and NPD projects and programs. He has managed seven plants in his salary career and two plants on temporary assignment for BNW’s clients. Corporate clients include Eaton, Dana, Chrysler, Owens-Illinois, Tenneco, TRW, and Dover.

Mr. Barth, in Program Management of CapEx projects, has implemented Enterprise Program Management web based systems that have improved time to market new products with 20% average time to market improvement—referred to as Game Changers

Barth holds a BSME degree from Case Institute of Technology. He is past President of Detroit Chapter of Project Management Institute [PMI] and founding Director of the PMI Ann Arbor Chapter and is a highly rated and sought after national speaker—having conducted two dozen speaking events from Richmond, VA to Silicon Valley to over 1800 attendees.

Session Speaker - Thresette Briggs

SESSION TOPICS: Beyond Misery: Using Project Management to Get Change Right

headshot theresettebriggs Thresette Briggs is the Founder and Chief Performance Officer of Performance 3, LLC, a leadership and professional development firm that focuses on helping leaders remove barriers to high performance with coaching, speaking and training services. For over 20 years’ Thresette has collaborated with leaders in global, diverse companies with up to 10,000 employees and over $13 billion in revenue. While P3 primarily serves leaders in women-owned small business, nonprofit and higher education, it has served other industries such as healthcare, construction and manufacturing.

Before launching P3, Thresette served in senior HR and organizational leadership positions with Fortune 500 companies for over 20 years. She is a certified John Maxwell Team coach, speaker and trainer who is featured in international leadership conferences, has written numerous articles, and is the inventor of IDS Performance Coaching®, registered with the United States Trademark and Patent Office. She is also a Society for Human Resource Management-Senior Certified Professional, and certified Facilitator for Development Dimensions International Leadership Essentials, 360º Leadership, and Extended DISC.

Thresette also co-founded of Neumation™, a tool for high performance implementation. She serves on the board of directors for NAWBO Indianapolis, as a co-chair for the Great Lakes WBE Central Indiana Forum, and on the President’s Council for Leadership Indianapolis Civic Leadership Summit. Thresette received her Bachelor of Business Administration from Wichita State University and her MBA from Indiana Wesleyan University.

Session Speaker - John Canfield

SESSION TOPICS: Six Thinking Hats | Thinking Skills for Improvement & Innovation

headshot johncanfield John Canfield is an experienced business executive and coach who has been trained to facilitate a wide variety of planning, improvement, and innovation processes. John has thirty years of experience working and consulting in a wide variety of organizations around the world. John has developed 20+ original talks, presented more than 1000 seminars and facilitated meetings to 120+ clients in North America, the Caribbean, Europe, and Asia.

John’s four part Good Thinking Series (available on Amazon) presents solid strategies and tools to improve an organization’s performance by deliberately supporting more effective thinking with all leaders and employees. Topics include collaboration skills, problem solving, creative thinking skills, strategic planning, and scenario planning. John has earned a B.S. in Mechanical & Industrial Engineering from the University of Minnesota and a B.A. in Political Science and Psychology from Williams College. Prior to 1990 John was a Senior Engineering Manager for Intel Corporation and later Director of Corporate Quality and Design Research for Herman Miller.

Session Speaker - Charlotte Franck

SESSION TOPICS: Agile - Tips for a Successful Transition

headshot charlottefranck Charlotte Franck, PMP, ASM, is a Senior Project Manager at Moser Consulting, Inc. She has managed projects and programs in a variety of industries, provided project management consulting to senior corporate officers, and conducted numerous project management training courses.

Charlotte has a Master’s degree in Business Administration and has the Agile Scrum Master certification. Currently she is a Scrum Master involved in numerous Agile initiatives.Session Speaker – Laura Hansen

 Session Speaker - Laura Hansen

 SESSION TOPICS: Agile Games: Lego My Cynefin!

headshot LauraHanson square

Laura Hansen has over 10 years of experience managing project, growing teams and delivering value to customers. In her current role as Vice President of PMO, she leads the Project Management Office and scrum team. Laura is a talented team builder and motivator with expertise leading cross-functional project teams. She is a certified Project Management Professional (PMP) and Agile Certified Practitioner (ACP) through the Project Management Institute as well as a Certified Scrum Master through the Scrum Alliance and Professional Scrum Master I through

Outside of work, Laura facilitates a monthly meetup centered around learning and applying concepts associated with Agile, leadership and organizational effectiveness called Agile Games Indy. Laura holds a B.S. in Organizational Leadership and a M.S. in Technology from Purdue University. She resides in Indianapolis with her husband and two dogs.

Session Speaker - Brad Hunter

SESSION TOPICS: Project Management Plan: How to Manage Chaos

headshot bradhunter Brad Hunter has worked for Rolls-Royce (formerly Allison Engine Company) for 33 years. He started as a summer intern and subsequently spent ~15 years in progressively more senior Manufacturing Engineering roles. Hunter found his interest in project management after being the only Operations person asked to become one of the company's first (co-located) Integrated Project Team Leaders. This interest drove him to PMP certification as well as to earn a Master of Project Management from Penn State University. He has held project management/leadership positions in Operations (PMO), Purchasing (PMO) and a Customer Facing Business Unit (Helicopter Engine Program Manager). Brad is currently the PMO Program Executive for a large ($391M) corporate infrastructure program, providing the project management rules, tools and best practices for the scope and structure of the program.

Session Speaker – Pam & Pat Johns

 SESSION TOPICS: Entrepreneurial Operating System (EOS): How to Gain Traction in Your Business

headshot pamjohns

Pam is a well-known performance improvement expert, a catalyst for change, a leadership trainer, and executive coach. She has been leading performance initiatives in athletics and business for 35 years. She has trained hundreds of managers, executives, and salespeople to develop more clarity, simplicity, and compassion in their communication.

She brings structure, sustainability, enthusiasm and best practices to every engagement.




headshot patjohns

Pat is a brilliant behavioral, communication and motivational expert. He is an author and keynote speaker. Pat is the only journalist in the world to have completed the Himalayan 100-mile running race four times, to study the superior motivation of elite endurance athletes. He was also a top level, award-winning sales manager for 30 years.

As a member of the Society for Neuroscience, Pat uses science-based principles to enhance performance results.


Session Speaker - David Maynard

SESSION TOPICS: Risk Management in Sync with PMBOK 6

headshot David Maynard Dave is a native New Yorker who after graduation from college, traveled to Houston to work for NASA at the Johnson Spacecraft Center, where he worked for many years.

He participated in the Shuttle avionics architecture design, the “glass cockpit” development and in crew training. Incrementally David’s level of responsibility increased, becoming a Senior Engineer, Project Engineer, Project Manager and Program Manager. David then moved to the Space Operations and Planning Complex (SOPC) where he again participating in overall technical design and management efforts.

After leaving NASA, Mr. Maynard was asked to become the General Manager of Systems Management Inc. (SMI) in Orlando, Fl. whose mission was to turn-around troubled projects, programs or operations.

David teaches Project Management at Purdue University, Fort Wayne (IPFW) and Indiana University, Indianapolis (IUPUI). Mr. Maynard has taught over 6,000 hours of face-to-face PMP exam prep class hours. He is active the PMI-Northeast Indiana Chapter of which he was a founding member. He volunteers for PMI global in various capacities, recently concluding a term as the manager of PMI’s risk community of practice. David is a PMBOK guide version 6 contributor, a member of the 2015 and 2016 chapter awards team and is reviewing the quality and content of PM Challenge questions on PMI’s newest website, His latest PMI-global efforts involve participating in the design of a virtual-world for training project managers in a game-like atmosphere.

Session Speaker - DJ McCord

SESSION TOPICS: Changes to the PMBOK 6th Ed & Preparing to Take the PMP Exam

headshot DJMcCord3 DJ McCord is a military veteran with over 25 years of service as an officer in the Regular Army, the US Army Reserve, and on the General Staff of the Indiana Guard Reserve. He has served as a Project Manager in diverse industries, including: pharma, military, publishing, agricultural/chemical, and health care, on projects with state-wide and national scope.

DJ has worked in the Information Technology field for the past 15 years, in the areas of project management, network design, training, and the support of Agile/Scrum project teams. He is both a Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer, and a Microsoft Certified Trainer.He has co-authored articles on project and personnel management that have been published in military and project management periodicals.

DJ has a passion for teaching and training, and believes that learning happens through experiences, and is most durable when it is done in an exciting way.

Session Speaker - Brian Monson

SESSION TOPICS: Hardcore Soft Skills: Tools for the BA Toolbox

headshot brianmonsonBrian Monson is a Business Solutions Architect and Managing Consultant at DMI Inc. (formerly Allegient, LLC) in Indianapolis IN.  His consulting experience includes assisting clients in multiple industries, including Automotive, Insurance, Health Care, Life Sciences, and Manufacturing, to understand and solve their business problems, through people, process, and technology based solutions.  Currently, Brian is in the initial phases of an agile transformation effort for a client in the manufacturing industry.  Previous projects include: business process re-engineering, organizational transformation, performance testing, verification of a clinical management system, and creation of an on-line billing and payment site.

Mr. Monson is the current President of the IIBA® Central Indiana Chapter and previously served on the PMI-CIC board as the Director of Career Development. Prior to joining DMI, Mr. Monson was the IT Director for an Internet startup, a Manager with Ernst & Young, and a Software Engineer in the Aerospace industry.

Session Speaker - Mark Pendergast

SESSION TOPICS: Excel Power for Project Managers

headshot Mark Pendergast
Mark is a Senior Manager in Information Technology for a Fortune 500 company. His career has spanned assignments in IT, Engineering, and Operations. He is an experienced project manager and technical innovator. He has managed hundreds of projects from production line installations to global enterprise information systems deployments.

Mark has also had many volunteer experiences in Project Management including founding a FIRST Robotics Competition Team at his local High School and a term as Director of PMPlatform for PMICIC in 2010.

He has presented at PMICIC Professional Development Day many times on topics as diverse as Management of High Risk Projects, Cost Estimating, Scope Control, Managing Technical Professionals, Managing Global Project Teams, and Project Leadership.

He has a degree in Electrical and Computer Engineering from the University of Wisconsin - Madison. He was awarded his PMP certification in July of 2005. He is certified in ITIL V3 foundation.

Session Speaker - Neil Potter

SESSION TOPICS: Addressing Your Agile/Scrum Challenges | Doing PMBOK, Agile / Scrum and CMMi

headshot NeilPotterNeil Potter is co-founder of The Process Group, a company formed in 1990 that consults on leadership, software engineering, process improvement, Agile / Scrum, CMMI, and project management. He has 28 years of experience in software and process engineering.

Neil is a Certified Scrum Master, CMMI-Institute certified lead appraiser for SCAMPI appraisals, Intro to CMMI instructor (development and services) and Six Sigma Greenbelt. He has a B.Sc. in Computer Science from the University of Essex (UK) and is the co-author of Making Process Improvement Work - A Concise Action Guide for Software Managers and Practitioners, and Making Process Improvement Work for Service Organizations, Addison-Wesley (2012).

Session Speaker - Reprakash "Rep" Ram

SESSION TOPICS: Agile/Scrum for New PMs | Estimating the Unknown in Agile Project Management

headshot rep

Reprakash Ram fondly known as “Rep,” has made and continues to make enormous contribution to the field of Project Management. Rep is a committed, hands-on QA leader able to drive large teams and achieve SLAs through team management. Experienced in implementing QA best practices and inject process improvements. Rep is a passionate advocate of Agile who works with teams to ensure they produce working software.

Rep has over 25 years of experience managing project, Quality Assurance, growing teams, and delivering value to customers. Rep holds a B.S. in Mathematics from University of Chennai India and a MS in Software Engineering. He is a certified Project Management Professional (PMP) and Agile Certified Practitioner (PMI-ACP) through the Project Management Institute as well as a Certified Scrum Master (CSM) through the Scrum Alliance and hold numerous Scrum certifications through Scrum Study and other Scrum institutions.

Detail oriented and always leading by example, Rep is passionate about PMI, PMICIC and the greater PM community, consistently demonstrating his commitment to further project management field.

Rep is currently serving as President & CEO of the Project Management Institute Central Indiana Chapter. In this role, he determines to build strategic direction and provide executive leadership to advance Project Management Institute Central Indiana Chapter as the most influential project management association in Central Indiana.

Rep is currently working at Crowe Horwath LLP, Indianapolis as QA Manager.

Session Speaker - Leigh Ann Schildmeier


headshot LeighAnneSchildmeirBIO -Leigh Ann Schildmeier is the president and founder of the consulting firm, Park Avenue Solutions. A certified Lean Practitioner and a Six Sigma Black Belt, she uses her more than 20 years of experience in manufacturing as a foundation for implementing and teaching Lean Principles in the manufacturing, pharmaceutical, service, and financial industries. Her implementation approach has empowered culture transformations in various organizations.

Leigh Ann earned her engineering degree from Purdue University. While working, she continued her education by earning an MBA from Anderson University.

Leigh Ann has remained an advocate for manufacturing education by serving on the Advisory Board for Purdue Polytechnic Institute Anderson and the AHS D26 Career Center’s Manufacturing Advisory Board. She currently serves as the ASQ Deputy Regional Director for Region 9 and Membership Chair for Indy ASQ Section 903. She is Past Chair for the ASQ Section 904 East Central Indiana.

Leigh Ann is married with a step-child and two Beagles. She is a foodie, avid golfer, car enthusiast, Reds Baseball fan, and a loyal Purdue Boilermaker.

Session Speaker - Robby Slaughter

SESSION TOPICS: Radical Productivity

headshot robbyslaughter

Robby Slaughter is the founder of AccelaWork (, a business improvement consulting company. His team works with a wide variety of organizations, including Fortune 500 companies, regional non-profits, small businesses and individual entrepreneurs to help increase productivity, simplify workflow and optimize business processes.

Robby’s particular focus is the use of stakeholder-driven business improvement through the usual of processing mapping. Working with individuals and small teams, he facilitates discussions in which problems and opportunities are rapidly identified. The collaborative and visual nature of this approach has a profound impact on organizations, who frequently see dramatic and sustained productivity gains within a few weeks.

Although AccelaWork does not work primarily with technology, a background in computing drives their scientific approach to improvement. After an extensive career in IT systems development, Robby realized that the principal challenges affecting individual workers are not technological in nature, but psychological. He discovered that to become more effective and efficient at work, we need to empower individuals with authority and responsibility. His own consulting efforts focus on assessing workflow challenges, helping stakeholders to design and develop new business processes, and implement systematic, people-centered changes throughout the organization.

Robby is a frequent contributor to several regional and national magazines and has over one hundred published articles. He has been interviewed by international publications, including the Wall Street Journal. Robby is a local and nationally known speaker. He is also the author of several books. His latest is The Battle For Your Email Inbox.

Session Speaker - Dr. Mitchell Springer

SESSION TOPICS: Educational Support through the Career Life-Span of PM Professional Working Adult Learners

headshot mitchspringer Dr. Springer currently serves as an Executive Director for Purdue University’s Polytechnic Institute located in West Lafayette, Indiana. He has over 35 years of theoretical and Defense industry-based practical experience from four disciplines: Software Engineering, Systems Engineering, Program Management and Human Resources. Dr. Springer possesses a significant strength in pattern recognition, analyzing and improving organizational systems. He is internationally recognized, has contributed to scholarship more than 200 books, articles, presentations, editorials and reviews on software development methodologies, management, organizational change, and program management.

Dr. Springer sits on many university and community boards and advisory committees. He is the recipient of numerous awards and recognitions, most recently, the Purdue University, College of Technology, Equity, Inclusion and Advocacy Award. Dr. Springer is the President of the Indiana Council for Continuing Education as well as the Chair of the Continuing Professional Development Division of the American Society for Engineering Education.

Dr. Springer received his Bachelor of Science in Computer Science from Purdue University, his MBA and Doctorate in Adult and Community Education with a Cognate in Executive Development from Ball State University. He is certified as a Project Management Professional (PMP), Senior Professional in Human Resources (SPHR & SHRM-SCP), in Alternate Dispute Resolution (ADR), and, in civil and domestic mediation. Dr. Springer is a State of Indiana Registered domestic mediator.

Session Speaker - Chad J Willett

 SESSION TOPICS: Smash the Box!

headshot chadwillett square Chad J. Willett inspires audiences to unleash their creative potential by Smashing concepts, walls, barriers, and in short... the box of life! He also writes a weekly blog where he challenges traditional and self-limiting lines of thinking. while, readers who
read his book “Smash the box” have an original experience which includes: pages out of order, no table of contents, no page numbers and pages upside down.

During Chad’s programs audiences are challenged too:
Not just think outside the box... but Smash it!
Not just be a leader... but a creative leader.
Not focus on the 7% of communication... but the 93% of communication.
Not just create a marketing campaign... but a Guerrilla marketing campaign.
Not just work safe... but work in the moment.

Session Speaker - Sonal Sheth Zawahri

SESSION TOPICS: Leading Without Authority

headshot sonalshethzawahrisquare

Each of us has a true version of who we really are. As the Founder and CEO of Tru You LLC, it is Sonal Sheth Zawahris passion and life's work to encourage, inspire, and assist others in finding and cultivating their true selves. Sonal works locally, regionally, and nationally as a Speaker, Consultant and Lifestyle Coach. Working closely with groups and individuals on professional development, confidence building, behavior and appearance. Sonal encourages clients to tap into their intuition, using it to shine from the inside out and make the most of first impressions.

Sonal has worked on projects with St. Vincents Hospital, The Indianapolis Childrens Museum, Wiley Publishing, The Indianapolis Partnership Center, the Ruth Lilly Health Education Center, and the YWCA. Sonal has delivered messages to diverse audiences, presenting live and virtually.



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