PMI Product Catalog


Project Management Institute Central Indiana Chapter is proud to be an official affiliate of the Project Management Institute. Check out the product offerings below!

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WPSlogoBlack-1.png Wicked Problem Solving As WPS is the confluence of agile, lean, design thinking, and other modern ways of working, its goal is to

improve how you work in your teams today by focusing on asking the right questions, making ideas

visible, and engaging with forward actions. You will transform ideas from invisible concepts to tangible

building blocks. The course will enable you to map out your options, sketch your ideas, and see your

organizational challenges in a new light.
Screen-Shot-2021-11-06-at-9.59.36-AM.png Agile Hybrid Project Pro Upskilling micro-credential that assesses a Project Manager’s knowledge in Agile & Hybrid projects, with a shorter focused assessment, complemented by an elearning course. No application process or any experience requirements, earn 13 PDU’s and an achievement badge.
pmi_mb_citizen-developer_logo_hrz_fc_rgb-1080x1080-1.png Citizen Developer The Citizen Developer Foundation Course is appropriate for all levels and takes 90-minutes to complete. This e-learning course provides an introduction to citizen

development, best practices, and methodology.
pmi_kickoff_clr_rgb-1536x421.png Kickoff Kickoff is a free, 45-minute digital learning tool that guides you through the basics of project management so you can launch any type of project—from start to finish —with confidence and success.
pmi_ascent_logo-1-1536x248.png Ascent Learn the principles and practices adopted by organizations around the world to help accelerate software delivery at scale.
Screen-Shot-2021-11-06-at-10.11.49-AM.png Organization Transformation Foundation Organizational Transformation: Foundation is an eLearning course that explores and tests a user’s understanding of the fundamentals of transformation. Successful completion rewards the learner with a micro-credential in transformation.