[VIRTUAL] Lean Journey at Wurster Construction

Ways of Working


This presentation delves into the transformative impact of Lean Construction principles and the Last Planner System (LPS) on the success of construction projects. Emphasizing the core tenets of Respect for People and Continuous Improvement, Lean Construction fosters a collaborative and adaptive work environment. The discussion explores how embracing these principles enables teams to elevate productivity, reduce costs, and build more sustainable and efficient construction projects.

The Last Planner System, a comprehensive project planning and execution approach within the Lean framework, takes center stage. Highlighting key components such as Pull Planning, Milestone Schedule, 3-week Lookahead, Weekly Work Plan, Daily Huddles, and Weekly Review, the presentation unravels the intricacies of each element. Attendees will gain insights into collaborative scheduling, milestone-driven progress tracking, proactive problem-solving, and effective communication strategies.

By the end of the presentation, participants will have a comprehensive understanding of how Lean Construction principles, coupled with the Last Planner System, contribute to enhanced project predictability, improved coordination, and overall success in the dynamic landscape of construction projects.


  • Insight into how the integration of Lean Construction principles and the Last Planner System leads to improved project outcomes.
  • Recognizing the role of visual aids in effective communication within construction projects.



Presented by: Erwin Perez



As a seasoned Lean practitioner and certified CM-Lean / CAPM® with over two decades of industry expertise, I bring a wealth of experience in managing and coordinating multidisciplinary construction projects. Throughout my career, I have cultivated a profound understanding of project management, lean construction methodologies, stakeholder management, scheduling, planning, and quality control. My commitment to excellence is evident in my consistent demonstration of advanced critical thinking, problem-solving, and organizational skills across all phases of construction projects, ensuring optimal operational efficiency and upholding a superior quality standard of work. Key Accomplishments: Quality Process Innovation: Spearheaded the development of a comprehensive 3-phase Quality Process tailored for Commercial Construction projects, ensuring adherence to the highest standards. Lean Construction Implementation: Successfully implemented lean construction tools to enhance team collaboration and reduce waste, resulting in streamlined project workflows. High-End Residential Construction Leadership: Led the successful completion of residential construction projects involving the creation of several high-end houses, showcasing an ability to manage high-profile and intricate developments. Team Supervision: Oversaw teams of up to 60 staff members, fostering a collaborative and efficient work environment. Innovative Program Design: Designed and implemented a program for the chemical cleaning of steel pipe, achieving 100% customer satisfaction and contributing to the longevity of infrastructure. Hydroelectric Dam Installations: Successfully managed the installation of seven gates. Supervised the installation and welding of 300 tons of steel plate in a hydroelectric dam. Wärtsilä Power Plant and Steel Mill: Effectively oversaw the chemical cleaning of over 20 miles of steel pipe, showcasing versatility in project management. These accomplishments underscore my ability to deliver exceptional results, innovate processes, and navigate the complexities of construction projects with precision and expertise.

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