[VIRTUAL] The Project Value Equation: Justifying Budgets Across All Industries

Business Acumen

Products and Projects cost money to deliver. Yet most of us as project, program, product leaders feel disconnected from the financial equation that drives our initiatives. Ironically, executives who own the business case are asking us to justify additional resources and budget.

That tension leaves us with many questions: Why should I shoulder financial justifications owned by someone higher up the organization? How can I juggle getting things done while also owning the business case? How do I answer these questions if my project isn't even about profit or ROI?

Whether you are an agile product owner or a senior program manager, this provocative session will equip you to champion your project as the best investment of time, attention, and resources. Come learn how to tell your project story, and demonstrate your skills as a strategic project leader.


  • Project leaders will learn how to bridge the gap between project execution and financial justification, enhancing their ability to secure additional resources and budgets.
  • Strategies will be provided to help leaders manage project delivery while also taking ownership of the business case, even for projects not focused on profit or ROI.
  • Attendees will gain skills in advocating for their projects, telling compelling project stories, and demonstrating their value as strategic project leaders.


Jesse Fewell


LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/jessefewell/ 

Jesse Fewell is an author, coach, and trainer who helps senior leaders from Boston to Beijing transform their organizations to achieve more innovation, collaboration, and business agility.

A management pioneer, he founded and grew the original Agile Community of Practice within the Project Management Institute (PMI), has served on leadership subcommittees for the Scrum Alliance, and written publications reaching over a half-million readers in eleven languages.

Jesse has taught, keynoted, or coached thousands of leaders and practitioners across thirteen countries on 5 continents. His industry contributions earned him a 2013 IEEE Computer Society Golden Core Award.


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Date: June 19th, 2024

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