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We are always looking for new volunteers to help out with the various activities of the PMI Central Indiana Chapter. Please fill out the form below and tell us how you would like to contribute.

Volunteer Application

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Volunteer Agreement

Our goal is to offer you a rewarding volunteer experience. For the good of the Project Management Institute (“PMI”) and the Project Management Central Indiana Chapter (“PMICIC”), the project management profession, and our volunteer community, we ask each volunteer to review and sign the following agreement. Please feel free to direct any questions to info@pmicic.org.

Volunteer Expectations
As a volunteer for PMICIC, in addition to my specific role responsibilities, I agree to:

  • - Remain a member in good standing of PMI and PMICIC throughout my volunteer service. For non-PMI and/or non-PMICIC member volunteers that have been granted a temporary exception to volunteering, all PMI and PMICIC member governance policies and procedures apply throughout your volunteer service.
  • - Adhere to PMI and PMICIC Governance Policies and Procedures including but not limited to: Code of Ethics and Code of Professional Conduct, Confidentiality Policy, Leadership Policy, and Volunteer Records Management Policy many of which can be found here: https://www.pmi.org/about/leadership-governance/documents.
  • - Shall not have been censured by PMI or PMICIC at any time and for any reason
  • - Make every effort to provide a minimum two week notice to the committee chair and/or VP Membership if I cannot continue in my role
  • - Use only PMICIC owned and designated document repository for all chapter documents
  • - Use only PMICIC owned electronic collaboration tools for all chapter business
  • - Log my volunteer hours and turn in to the committee chair and/or VP Membership if I intent to claim PDUs for volunteering


Confidentiality Agreement

As a PMI volunteer, I recognize that I may or will become aware of information that is the confidential property of PMI and PMICIC. For the purposes of this agreement, any information, material or data that the organization considers and treats as confidential, sensitive or proprietary, and is not in the public real through due process of the organization, shall be defined as confidential, whether or not it is explicitly marked as such. I agree not to divulge, furnish, or make accessible to any unauthorized individual or organization PMI or PMICIC proprietary, confidential, or trade secret information which I have acquired or become acquainted with, or will acquire or become acquainted with during my term and/or involvement with PMICIC unless disclosure of such information is formally authorized in writing by a majority of PMICIC Board Officers during a regularly held Board of Directors/Officers meeting. This includes, but is not limited to:

  • - Professional or personal information and data regarding PMI and PMICIC members
  • - Business plans, finances, operational measures, strategic plans, strategic meetings, Board of Directors Executive Sessions, internal correspondence, and emails intended solely for those recipients
  • - Materials directly or indirectly useful to the business that are not generally available to the public


I understand that, from the date of this agreement forward, I will abide by the PMI Confidentiality Policy and respect the confidential property of PMI and, within reasonable limits, personally protect that property from communication or other distribution to others and will not use such information for my own personal use or gain or the advantage of any other organization or entity unless such material is available publicly or unless PMI has granted me permission to disseminate it to others.
In support of PMI’s Records Management Program, I agree that I will destroy any information, material or data covered under this agreement within the immediate 60-day period following the expiration of my participation in the above activity, except for documents that I have been advised by PMI to retain for a longer period or documents that due to their sensitive nature I have been asked to return to the Institute, which I will do within the time required.
I acknowledge that the above types of confidential information constitute a unique and valuable asset of PMICIC and represent a substantial investment of time and expense by PMICIC, and that any disclosure or other use of such information, other than for the sole benefit of PMICIC would be wrongful and could cause irreparable harm to PMICIC.

Both during and after the period of my involvement with PMICIC, I will refrain from any acts or omissions which would reduce the value of such confidential information to PMICIC. I agree that this Confidentiality Agreement shall survive the termination of my involvement with PMICIC. I also agree that upon termination of my involvement, I will return or destroy all copies of PMICIC confidential information and property unless otherwise authorized by PMICIC Board of Directors.

Conflict of Interest Agreement
As a volunteer for the Project Management Institute Central Indiana Chapter (PMICIC), I agree to exercise the utmost good faith in all transactions involved in my duties, and shall not use my volunteer position with PMICIC to exploit, appear to exploit, or attempt to exploit PMICIC decision-making or resources. In general, I agree to refrain from using my PMICIC position or PMICIC resources for other than their intended purpose and/or for inappropriate personal or professional benefit.

I understand that a conflict of interest may occur if I have a personal, professional, or financial connection outside of PMICIC with an individual or organization who also have a connection with PMICIC. Specifically this may include me being a close relative, investor (greater than 1% of income), trustee, director, partner, officer, consultant, contractor, or employee of the individual or organization.

If I incur a conflict of interest situation, I agree to promptly notify the PMICIC Board of Directors and immediately refrain from any decision-making, voting, deliberations, or any use of personal influence in the matter. A written record of any report of possible conflict and of any adjustments made to avoid possible conflicts of interest will be kept by the Board of Directors in the meeting minutes. While the transaction may go forward, I agree to restrict my personal involvement within PMICIC by refraining from activities such as:

    • - Initiating the business transaction
    • - Recommending or selecting the party
    • - Approving/signing the purchase or contract
    • - Authorizing or making payments
    • - Providing goods or services
    • - Collecting payments


I, the Volunteer, desire to work as a volunteer for PMICIC and engage in the activities related to being a volunteer for a work project. I hereby freely and voluntarily, without duress, execute this Waiver under the following terms:

    1. - Waiver and Release. I, the Volunteer, release and forever discharge and hold harmless PMICIC and its successors and assigns from any and all liability, claims, and demands of whatever kind or nature, either in law or in equity, which arise or may hereafter arise from my volunteer work with PMICIC. I understand and acknowledge that this Waiver discharges PMICIC from any liability or claim that I, the Volunteer, may have against PMICIC with respect to bodily injury, personal injury, illness, death, or property damage that may result from my participation on the PMICIC work site. I also understand that PMICIC does not assume any responsibility for or obligation to provide financial assistance or other assistance, including but not limited to medical, health or disability insurance, in the event of injury, illness, death or property damage.
    2. - Insurance. I, the Volunteer, understand that I expressly waive any such claim for compensation or liability on the part of PMICIC beyond what may be offered freely by the representative of PMICIC in the event of such injury or medical expense.
    3. - Medical Treatment. I hereby release and forever discharge PMICIC from any claim whatsoever which arises or may hereafter arise on account of any first-aid treatment or other medical services rendered in connection with an emergency during my time with PMICIC.
    4. - Assumption of the Risk. I understand that my time with PMICIC may include activities that may be hazardous to me, including, but not limited to, automobile accidents, severe weather, food borne illnesses, construction activities, loading and unloading of heavy equipment and materials, and local transportation to and from the venue, airports, and hotels. I hereby expressly and specifically assume the risk of injury or harm in these activities and release PMICIC from all liability for injury, illness, death, or property damage resulting from the activities of my time with PMICIC.
    5. - Name and likeness Release. I grant to PMICIC permission to use, whether during or after my engagement hereunder, my name, photograph, likeness, voice and other biographical data ("Name and Likeness") for the purpose of advertising, marketing, promoting, publicizing and exploiting any matter related to the Services performed hereunder in connection with the PMICIC Events and/or my engagement with the Chapter.
    6. - Other. I expressly agree that this Waiver is intended to be as broad and inclusive as permitted by the laws of the State of Indiana in the United States of America, and that this Waiver shall be governed by and interpreted in accordance with the laws of the State of Indiana. I agree that in the event that any clause or provision of this Waiver shall be held to be invalid by any court of competent jurisdiction, the invalidity of such clause or provision shall not otherwise affect the remaining provisions of this Release which shall continue to be enforceable.
    7. - Non-Employment Status. I understand that as a PMICIC volunteer, I am neither a contractor nor employee of PMICIC or its officers, vendors, or any associated third-party.
    8. - Termination. This agreement shall remain in force as so long as I volunteer for PMICIC. PMICIC may terminate this agreement at any time, effective immediately upon giving verbal or written notice for any reason including but not limited to a) a material violation of this Agreement, or b) any act exposing the Client to civil or criminal liability.